Doublelist is one of the major American escort services. You can basically hire sex workers from such services on an individual basis through the advertisement posts they leave to promote their own services.

A lot of people seem to need this sort of service, although there is a problem of which service to pick. Saying that there are lots of these is an understatement. Not only is there abundance, but each one them is also just marginally different in technical sense and even design, come to think of it.

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Advantages Review

But Doublelist wouldn’t be as popular (over 10 million total user) if it wasn’t for some good qualities this website possesses. But what are they? What does DL have to offer and how good is it compared to similar services. Here are the answers.

What is Doublelist?

For those who don’t know how escort services usually operate, here’s a quick yet nuanced overview.

Doublelist is one of the many classified list services (aka listing services) scattered all over the Internet. There are different types, but the standard concept usually has this structure:

  1. Heavily segmented category sections
  2. Each category is divided into types of products/services
  3. Each service page is full of ads and posts about the services and their authors
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DoubleList Style

These ads are the main source of information about the services – escort services, in this context. The providers mention a lot of details bound to help you find them given they fit the preferences and criteria you picked beforehand. In turn, these preferences can be picked through a number of search options.

These options will include, most notably:

  1. Location
  2. Type of service
  3. Gender of provider

There are other, more nuanced settings, although the depth of the sorting capabilities can vary dramatically from just the crucial criteria mentioned above to highly detailed settings. Doublelist sits on a healthy middle ground inside the spectrum. They give you just enough to make a balanced search and not overstretch.

What does it offer?

In terms of the selection, there are several interesting points on Doublelist.

See here, the usual escort services either give you a full catalogue of personals – in other words, sex workers of various types or put an adult section inside an otherwise perfectly normal flea market sort of website where people from your city can sell anything from a car to scrap metal.

You’d probably be more interested in the adult section, as, actually, the large chunks of the user-base on these listing services.

Hot Offers Of Doublelist
DoubleList Offers

Doublelist is one of the few big services that provide extensive access to other types of social advertising, and not just escort services. Although the Personals section is by far the most visited place in the website, you are not restricted to it. There is also the milder Dating section that allows people to advertise themselves as personalities with their own interests, hobbies and a desire to find a soulmate.

As a result, you have a lot more freedom of choosing the scale of the partnership that you’re looking for. If you were tired of going through escort ads, you could just give these dating profiles a try.

Using Doublelist

Like many other services of this kind, Doublelist operates around the concept of clients and providers – two kinds of users with their own priorities and requirements. Some services strictly differentiate these types of users and even give the newcomers a choice to register as one or the other – with unique deal in each case.

Doublelist doesn’t really set the two kinds apart that much. It’s obvious that there are distinctions, but, like most escort services, DL preferred mild approach.

  • Client users

Client users are mostly unregistered visitors who can use the extensive search capabilities and go through the ads without having to submit their or even interact with the other users on the spot.

Montenegro DoubleList
Using DoubleList In Montenegro

They usually contact a provider (when they find a suitable candidate) by calling a number the latter left specifically for this purpose inside the ad. Other means of communication can include the e-mail address if the user felt the need to mention it, but no proper messaging system.

They are basically the active part of the user-base.

  • Provider users

Provider users have to sign up in order to do anything. After signing up, they are welcome to create ads – posts about their services – and publish them in a specific section for their specific city. That’s how it works. The people who live in the same city are expected to find an ad through a series of search parameters.

The provider’s work is a bit harder. They need to create a comprehensive ad that would fit the topic as well as provide adequate information about the service. They need to actually spend time developing a piece of info like this. On the contrary, though, they get to receive money for their services.

Essentially, they are the passive part, seeing how all they can do is create a good enough ad and wait for people to find it.

Advantages for the clients

Doublelist is very advantageous for the client users, and there are many good reasons for that. Some are unique for the website, but many are pretty standard for the niche. So, let’s review the usual experience and the things that make it beneficial for an average client user.

  • No need for authorization

This is the usual practice for the escort services such as Doublelist. You basically don’t need to create an account given you won’t publish and ads on the website. That accelerates the searching process significantly, although what it also does by design is shorten your ability to interact with the users.

Client Advantages
DoubleList For Clients

It doesn’t do it directly, but the services that take this path condition themselves to not take any design decisions that would deepen the interaction between the clients and the providers. Essentially, DL doesn’t allow you to leave reviews, comments or message people in any capacity. Having an account is not necessary for a client, in short.

Admittedly, that is an ads service, not a social network. There are many escort services that introduce messaging reviews and other additional features. They are completely fine, but the initial idea of a listing service is that you simply go through the offers that are displayed in the open access.

  • Search capabilities

The search capabilities on Doublelist are not too extensive, but they are also not too narrow. What is available here is just enough – you won’t need any more to conduct an effective search

Basically, you have an initial location option that will take you to the offers available in your city (or any city of your choice), and they you’ll have to pick a type of activity you want. It can be either professional service from the Personals or Dating, depending completely on your own preferences and requirements.

There are also minor settings past that point, and they may include the exact type of service you need (casual, massage, etc). The previous categories only include the gender of the provider in relation to the recipient (so, gay, lesbian, and more). You probably won’t need to narrow down the search past that point.

  • Security

In comparison to the numerous similar services, Doublelist is noticeably more secure in many senses.

Because DL is more adamant about users (that mostly means providers) following guidelines about creating ads that fit the purposes of specific sections on the website, as well as cracking on scamming and abuse, it’s very hard to step out-of-line on Doublelist.

It’s not to say that they block people and remove their ads willy-nilly. They block people if there is definitive prove that they try to manipulate people. The milder offenses would be followed by the removal of the ad in question. Essentially, providers who don’t do anything wrong won’t be punished.

That being said, Doublelist staff also removes and flags ads more often than other escort services. These actions usually follow something that compromises other ads inside the section. For instance, if an explicit ad clogs up one of the Dating sections, it may be flagged.

But generally, the process is faster if users report these issues to the staff directly and not wait for them to come down and find the issue on their own.

Advantages for the providers

Although the providers are more heavily controlled by the service, they also have a few perks.

  • Fast verification

You’ll obviously have to create an account with the website before being able to post any ads here. It’s the same thing everywhere, the difference for DL users it that the local verification process is easy. You only need to submit some personal information, a phone number and an e-mail address if you want to.

That is, if they find that you’re not of age after the fact, they’ll block you for good, so you’d better also verify it beforehand so that you wouldn’t have to spend more time trying to prove it afterwards.

  • Many distinct segments

Extensive sorting doesn’t jump benefit clients who try to narrow down the search as much as possible in accordance to their preferences and requirements. The number of specific service types, gender types and minor details makes it easier for the providers to relay what it is they offer specifically.

DoubleList Provider
Provider On DoubleList

Otherwise, they would have had to specify it inside the ad – most likely in the description. That, in turn, makes it much easier for the clients to miss a crucial point of your service offer.

  • Simplicity of ad creation

The service is not littered with minor parameters, and those that exist are pretty easy to modify and edit. In order to create a comprehensive ad post, you don’t really need to spend too much of your time.

You’ll just need to create a headline, a short description, add a few details, photos and that’s about it. The ads are generally concise and don’t feel overburdened with information and details.

Comparison to the dating apps

Compared to the usual dating apps, such as Tinder, Bumble or Badoo, Doublelist has a few tangible advantages.

Firstly, you can set up your location at a whim. Tinder and others only allow you to view the matches in your immediate area (unless you have a VPN), which means about 100 km from the point where you currently stand, tops.

Secondly, Doublelist is free. The standard dating apps allow you to use them and see how they work for free, although the actual functionality is inaccessible unless you pick one of the paid plans, some of which can be quite hard on the wallet. Doublelist offers all of its functionality completely free of charge.

DoubleList The Best
Comparing With Other Services

Lastly, Doublelist has a mobile version. Although there are no Doublelist apps on Google Play and AppStore, you can boot the website, and it’ll automatically switch you to the mobile version that fits most modern displays. What it means is that it’ll be almost as convenient to browse DL on mobile as it is on PC.

What it means for you is basically that you can substitute any of these apps with Doublelist. There aren’t too many escort services that also provide dating features in addition to meeting with personals. There are especially not too many safe and secure platforms – Doublelist is amongst the best in this kind.

Where is it available?

Technically speaking, Doublelist is available everywhere if you have a good enough connection to the server. 

However, the Americans are clearly favored. Users from many lesser-known (for Americans) countries can’t reliably connect to the service either because their country is somehow blocked from entry on security charges or because phone numbers from some European and many other countries are not supported.

Availability Of Doublelist
DoubleList Availability

It’s not too bad, however – Europeans in particular have lots of exclusive platforms. Doublelist just favors Americans in the same way. If you are American, then you’ll be able to connect to this service no problem. In other cases, it may be tricky.